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Job Seeker FAQs

Below are some answers to questions that you may find useful. Click here to show or hide all of the answers.


What is ComputerJobs?

ComputerJobs is a website that publishes job vacancies listed by recruitment agencies and direct employers.

Job seekers are able to quickly search through thousands of new jobs that appear on our site every day, and with experience that spans three decades we know exactly what it is that a job seeker is looking for in a job board.

How can ComputerJobs assist me with finding a job?

As a job board our role is to provide you with access to the widest selection of jobs on the market and the tools you need to connect you with employers who are looking for your skills.

Our powerful job search allows you to find the right job for you, and we highly recommend creating a job alert so you can be one of the first to apply by being notified of new jobs as soon as they are posted. We also assist you by sending you recommendations for jobs that you may have otherwise missed.

Making yourself searchable means employers will be able to find you in our candidate database and we’ll also alert them if you’re a perfect match for their job posting.

Are there any fees for this service?

No, all job seeker features on ComputerJobs are completely free!

How can I get in touch?

If you have any questions that are not answered below, or if you would like to give us some feedback you can find our details on the Contact page. We're open during normal office hours, Monday to Friday.

Searching & job alerts

How can I get the most from my searches?

ComputerJobs's powerful search engine allows you to finely tune your search to get the jobs that matter to you most.

To learn more about using advanced searching techniques please see our search help page.

How do I save my searches?

As new jobs are posted on a daily basis it is a good idea to return to ComputerJobs regularly to see if any new positions have been posted that match your criteria. To help with this, you can save your criteria as a Saved Search, which will also allow you to set up job alerts.

At the top of your search results, clicking the 'Save' icon will allow you to save the search.

You can also create an alert from scratch.

Can I receive jobs via email, RSS or notifications?

When you save a search you can also create various alerts, these include email alerts, RSS feeds and device notifications.

You can configure all types of alert from the Job Searches & Alerts page.

What are 'Notifications'?

Notifications are alerts that display in the top right of the page when logged in. They alert you to new matches to your saved searches.

How can I search for jobs internationally?

By default, when you search the website you will be browsing jobs in your home country. You can expand your search to include other countries by selecting 'Add more countries' in the search criteria panel.

How can I pause or stop Job Suggestions?

From time to time we may send you jobs that we think might be of interest to you via email. We call this service Job Suggestions.

Job Suggestions looks at the kind of jobs you are searching and applying for. We use this data to pick out jobs that should be of interest to you based on your skill set and desired working locations.

The more you apply, the more Job Suggestions will learn about the type of job you are looking for, and the better Job Suggestions will become, but if you'd like to disable this feature you can do so using the links in the footer of the emails you receive.


How do I apply for a job?

You can apply to every job on the website online. After clicking the 'Apply' button you will be shown a short form and given the chance to attach a Resume and cover note alongside your application.

Some jobs may also list a telephone number or email address that you can use to contact the recruiter and apply via more traditional means.

Can I apply for multiple jobs at once?

You can apply for up to 25 jobs at once using the Job Basket.

The Job Basket works much like a shopping basket on an online shopping website, you can click the basket icon beside the Apply button when viewing a job to add the job to your basket and when viewing your basket you can then apply to all of the jobs with just one application form.

How do I find out more information about a job posting?

We show all of the information that recruiters provide to us. If there is some additional information you'd like to know about the job you're looking at, or if you have further questions about the position you will need to contact the recruiter directly using the details shown on the job.

How can I track the progress of my applications?

When viewing your list of applications you can set the current status of the applications you have made.

You can also add notes and contact details for your future reference.

From here you also have the ability to delete an application, but please note this only removes the application from your list, the recruiter will have still received your application.

How can I be certain that the recruiter has received my application?

When you make an application, unless you request not to, you will receive an email confirming your application was successfully made. At the same time we'll also send the recruiter an email with your application details.

You can view your successful applications on the Applications page, found in the My Account menu.

Applications are critical, and from time-to-time an email may go missing. For example, the recruiter's mailbox may be full or they may have made a typo when posting their job. To combat this we continually monitor and follow-up on all bouncebacks we receive for applications, ensuring your application never goes astray.

Your application is also available for recruiters to view and re-send online at any time.

The recruiter has rejected my application, what can I do?

You may occasionally receive an email telling you that your application was not successful on this occasion, if you'd like to know more information about the reason why you received this email you can get in touch with the recruiter using the details they provided on the job posting.

The recruiter does not share the reasons for your rejection with us.

Your Profile & Resume

How do I upload and store my Resume?

To speed up the application process you can store up to 10 Resumes online. You can also make one of these Resumes searchable to recruiters.

We support .doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt and .pdf format Resumes.

If you would like to upload your existing Resume to ComputerJobs, click here.

How do I make my Resume searchable, so that recruiters can find me?

When looking for a job online, applying is only half of the story. To maximize your chances of finding a new position you should also make yourself searchable to recruiters.

Recruiters are able to search and browse candidates to find matches for positions they may not have advertised online or to seek out candidates for advertised positions that may not have seen their advert.

You can make your Resume searchable via Access Settings. This is accessible via the My Profile tab, or if you already have a searchable Resume you can click the '[change]' link beneath your searchable Resume in the Resumes tab.

If you prefer, you can choose to hide your contact details from recruiters unless you accept their request to view them.

What is 'My Profile'?

My Profile is an online tool for keeping your Resume up to date without the need to continuously edit and upload traditional documents. You can begin by pre-populating your profile with your existing Word or PDF document Resume.

You can then export this as a Word or PDF format document.

Additional help and tips can be found on the My Profile help page.

How do I validate my profile?

Validating your profile is done on the My Profile page. Before you can validate your profile you will need to have provided your name, a home or preferred location along with either your latest job details or preferred role and a candidate profile.

After providing this information you can then click the 'Validate' button at the top of the profile.

Why should I validate my profile?

Validating your profile shows recruiters that you have reviewed all of the information listed in My Profile and verified that it is accurate and up-to-date.

When a recruiter is searching for candidates validated profiles are highlighted. This means that by validating your profile you will stand out from those that have not validated, in addition to the recruiter knowing they can fully trust the information you have provided in your profile.

Your account

I no longer have access to my email address, can I still reset my password?

If you have lost your password and no longer have access to the email address you used to register, we may still be able to help. Please get in touch with us so we can run through verification procedures.

How can I update my email address or password?

Regularly changing your password is good practice for any website you have a login for. You can update your password via the Settings menu whilst logged in.

You can also update your Email Address from here.

Can I delete my ComputerJobs account?

You can delete your account via the Settings menu whilst logged in. This will remove your saved searches, job alerts and any Resumes you have uploaded but remember that any applications you have made will still be available to recruiters for a period of time.